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The Justice Family Tree

Family Tree Names

Abshire, Collen (Private-)
Adams, Bob (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Della Mae (Private-)
Adams, Doshie (Private-)
Adams, Flora (Private-)
Adams, Jessica Nicole (Private-)
Adams, Julie (Private-)
Adams, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Megan Lee (Private-)
Adams, Pearl (Private-)
Adams, Robert Wayne (Private-)
Adams, Rocky (Private-)
Adams, Tira Jo (Private-)
Adams, Vincent Wayne (Private-)
Adda, (1867-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, (Private-)
Adkins, Allaifair (Private-)
Adkins, Anna Mae (Private-)
Adkins, Arietta (Private-)
Adkins, Arland (Private-)
Adkins, Arland (Private-)
Adkins, Artie (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Barry Wayne (Private-)
Adkins, Beatrice (Private-)
Adkins, Bert (Private-)
Adkins, Bessie Mae (Private-)
Adkins, Birdell (Private-)
Adkins, Bobby (Private-)
Adkins, Charlotte (Private-)
Adkins, Christopher Scott (Private-)
Adkins, Cindy (Private-)
Adkins, Clifford (Private-)
Adkins, Cora Jane (17 APR 1906-20 JUN 1982)
Adkins, Cora Lee (1907-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Dallas (1899-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Debbie (Private-)
Adkins, Delilah (1850-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Denver (Private-)
Adkins, Donna (Private-)
Adkins, Eddie Eugene (Private-)
Adkins, Edward Lee (Private-)
Adkins, Elisha (1870-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Elisha (1808-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Elisha Jr. (JUN 1827-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Eric Bryan (Private-)
Adkins, Ethel (Private-)
Adkins, Ezella (Private-)
Adkins, Fannie Jean (Private-)
Adkins, G.W. (1857-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Gary (Private-)
Adkins, Glenda (Private-)
Adkins, Glenda (Private-)
Adkins, Glessie Mae (Private-)
Adkins, Grant Thomas (Private-)
Adkins, Harrison (17 JUN 1892-17 DEC 1975)
Adkins, Harvey (Private-)
Adkins, Henry (Private-)
Adkins, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Henry (1730-1787)
Adkins, Hiram (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Jack (1855-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, James (Private-)
Adkins, James (Private-)
Adkins, Jas H. (1852-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Jasper (Private-)
Adkins, Jeff (Private-)
Adkins, Jeffery L. (Private-)
Adkins, Jenny (Private-)
Adkins, Jimmy (Private-)
Adkins, John (-14 OCT 1991)
Adkins, John Henry. (Private-)
Adkins, John L. (Private-)
Adkins, John W. (JUN 1856-1 FEB 1916)
Adkins, Juda (1860-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Karen (Private-)
Adkins, Kathleen (Private-)
Adkins, Kellie Jr. (Private-)
Adkins, King S. (1874-1958)
Adkins, Leon (Private-)
Adkins, Leona (Private-)
Adkins, Lillard (-20 NOV 1994)
Adkins, Lillard Allen (Private-)
Adkins, Litt (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Lizzie (Private-)
Adkins, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, MIldred (Private-)
Adkins, Macarthur (Private-)
Adkins, Malcom (1902-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Margie (Private-)
Adkins, Marglow (Private-)
Adkins, Martha Jane (1853-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Mary (Private-)
Adkins, Mary (Private-)
Adkins, Mary Ann (Private-)
Adkins, Mary C. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Melvin (1897-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Michael Ray (Private-)
Adkins, Mitchel (Private-)
Adkins, Mose (Private-)
Adkins, Nancy (1867-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Nania Marie (Private-)
Adkins, Nichlos Kyle (Private-)
Adkins, Noah Bert (Private-)
Adkins, Patty (Private-)
Adkins, Peggy Ann (Private-)
Adkins, Radford Lee (Private-)
Adkins, RaeLyn (Private-)
Adkins, Richard (Private-)
Adkins, Rissie (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Robert (Private-)
Adkins, Robert Lee (Private-)
Adkins, Robert T. (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Rondall Dean (Private-)
Adkins, Ronnie Lee (Private-)
Adkins, Ronnie Lee Jr. (Private-)
Adkins, Roy (Private-)
Adkins, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Shelby Jean (Private-)
Adkins, Sherry Lynn (Private-)
Adkins, Shirley (Private-)
Adkins, Simmy (Private-)
Adkins, Stephanie Gail (Private-)
Adkins, Sue (Private-)
Adkins, Surena (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Thomas E. (Private-)
Adkins, Thomas M. (Private-)
Adkins, Toe (Private-)
Adkins, Tommy (Private-)
Adkins, Urshella May (Private-)
Adkins, Valerie Ann (Private-)
Adkins, Virgie (Private-)
Adkins, Wayne (Private-)
Adkins, Wilda (Private-)
Adkins, William (Private-)
Adkins, Willian (1690-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Wilma (Private-)
Adkins, Winright (1766-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Winwright (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Zela (Private-)
Akers, Artie Mae (Private-)
Akers, Brandi Nicole (Private-)
Akers, Cricket (9 FEB 1896-21 NOV 1990)
Akers, Curtis (Private-)
Akers, Gregory (Private-)
Akers, James Robert (Private-)
Akers, Jimmy Dean (Private-)
Akers, Margaret (1845-1899)
Akers, Oscar (Private-)
Akers, Rebecca Marie (Private-)
Akers, Tasha Lynn (Private-)
Akers, Tony Curtis (Private-)
Alice, (Private-)
Allen, (Private-)
Allen, Dollie (Private-)
Allen, Hattie (Private-)
Allen, Martha (Private-)
Allen, Samuel (Private-)
Allen, William (-UNKNOWN)
Allman, Kay (15 MAY 1949-29 JAN 1992)
Almond, Brandon Caleb (Private-)
Almond, Darrell Edward (Private-)
Anderson, Brenda (Private-)
Anderson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Aonkish, Barbara (Private-)
Arminda, (1839-1888)
Baker, Sam (Private-)
Baldwin, Matilda (1846-UNKNOWN)
Bates, Charles (Private-)
Behr, Beverley Ann (Private-)
Belcher, (Private-)
Bell, Brandon (Private-)
Bell, Tyler Coty (Private-)
Bentley, (Private-)
Bentley, Chad (Private-)
Bentley, Danny (Private-)
Bentley, Danny Allen (Private-)
Bentley, Lizzie (Private-)
Bentley, Rudolph (Private-)
Bevins, (Private-)
Blackburn, (Private-)
Blackburn, Allen (Private-)
Blackburn, Archel (Private-)
Blackburn, Avonaell (Private-)
Blackburn, Bill Chase (Private-)
Blackburn, Bonnie (Private-)
Blackburn, Bradley (-1993)
Blackburn, Cellie (Private-)
Blackburn, Cero (Private-)
Blackburn, Charles (Private-)
Blackburn, Chester (Private-)
Blackburn, Christopher (Private-)
Blackburn, Cleetta (Private-)
Blackburn, Clell (-1948)
Blackburn, Delmar (Private-)
Blackburn, Demsey (Private-)
Blackburn, Earshel (Private-)
Blackburn, Faye (Private-)
Blackburn, French (Private-)
Blackburn, Friendie (Private-)
Blackburn, George (-UNKNOWN)
Blackburn, George Jr. (AUG 1922-1963)
Blackburn, German (1 NOV 1909-1994)
Blackburn, Gordy (-UNKNOWN)
Blackburn, James Harvey (MAR 1926-1983)
Blackburn, July (Private-)
Blackburn, Leon (Private-)
Blackburn, Lloyd (Private-)
Blackburn, Loriane (Private-)
Blackburn, Lucina (Private-)
Blackburn, Maretta Gail (Private-)
Blackburn, Margie (Private-)
Blackburn, Okie (Private-)
Blackburn, Orville (Private-)
Blackburn, Ronnie (Private-)
Blackburn, Roscoe (-1976)
Blackburn, Rosie Lee (Private-)
Blackburn, Sylvania (Private-)
Blackburn, Thelmer (-1950)
Blackburn, Tokey (Private-)
Blackburn, Tom Ed (Private-)
Blackburn, Trebert (Private-)
Blackburn, Troy (-1990)
Blackburn, Tyler Blake (Private-)
Blackburn., Hilta (JUL 1935-JUN 1988)
Blankenship, Lucy (MAR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Boggs, Eugene (Private-)
Boney, Delia (Delila) (1815-UNKNOWN)
Boney, Joseph (1754-UNKNOWN)
Boyd, (Private-)
Boyd, Adrinne Nicole (Private-)
Boyd, Gavin Lee (Private-)
Boyd, Noah Daniel (Private-)
Boyd, Noah Lee (Private-)
Branham, Burnis (Private-)
Branham, Doug (Private-)
Branham, Helen (Private-)
Branham, Jason (Private-)
Brewer, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Ambros (1828-1860)
Brewer, Ambros (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Ambros (Bud) (3 JUN 1879-29 NOV 1945)
Brewer, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Benjamin H. (20 MAY 1866-4 JAN 1928)
Brewer, Charity Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Clara (Private-)
Brewer, Creda (Private-)
Brewer, Dickie (Private-)
Brewer, Edward (Private-)
Brewer, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Fannie (Private-)
Brewer, Freddie (Private-)
Brewer, George (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, James (3 FEB 1846-29 JAN 1924)
Brewer, James Madison (5 SEP 1877-14 JUL 1950)
Brewer, Jim (1887-1975)
Brewer, Jimmy (Private-)
Brewer, Josie (16 DEC 1887-11 APR 1974)
Brewer, Julia (Private-)
Brewer, Kathryn (Private-)
Brewer, Margaret (Peggy) (1850-1933)
Brewer, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Pritty (Private-)
Brewer, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Verna (Private-)
Brickey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Britton, Sarah (1850-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Davenport (NOV 1877-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Hester (1871-UNKNOWN)
Brown, James Post (6 MAR 1878-UNKNOWN)
Brown, John M (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Liddie (1872-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Pearl Edith (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Robert (1876-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Roger (Private-)
Brown, Tivis M. (AUG 1888-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Umphemia (1841-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Victory (1874-UNKNOWN)
Browning, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Bryant, Jay (Private-)
Bryant, Wyatt (-UNKNOWN)
Burchett, (Private-)
Burchett, Denzie Ray (Private-)
Burchett, Dick (-UNKNOWN)
Burchett, Kenneth (Private-)
Burchett, Lois (Private-)
Burgess, George (Private-)
Burke, Delmar (Private-)
Burke, Glenn (Private-)
Burke, Jeffery (Private-)
Burke, Kevin (Private-)
Burke, Paul Michael (Private-)
Burke, Sherry Lynn (Private-)
C., Frances (1898-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Ralph Carl Jr. (Private-)
Caldwell, Ralph Carl Sr. (Private-)
Campbell, Charles (Private-)
Cannon, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Mandy (Private-)
Causey, Jolene (Private-)
Cecil, (Private-)
Chapman, James (Private-)
Clara, (Private-)
Coleman, Eddie Earl (Private-)
Coleman, Eddie Earl Jr. (Private-)
Coleman, Frank W. (-1932)
Coleman, Joeseph (Private-)
Coleman, Joyce (Private-)
Coleman, Kenneth Dwayne (Private-)
Coleman, Lowell (Private-)
Coleman, Michael (Private-)
Coleman, Michelle (Private-)
Coleman, Minta (Private-)
Coleman, Priscilla Ann (Private-)
Coleman, Rhonda Sue (Private-)
Coleman, Susan (Private-)
Coleman, Teresa (Private-)
Coleman, Timothy (Private-)
Collins, Lizzie Beth (3 MAR 1914-22 JUN 1988)
Collins, Margaret (Private-)
Compton, (Private-)
Compton, Albert (Private-)
Compton, Bob (Private-)
Compton, Cena Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Conley, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Conn, David Lee (Private-)
Conn, Hugh David (Private-)
Conners, (Private-)
Courtney, (Private-)
Courtney, Brian (Private-)
Courtney, Daine (Private-)
Courtney, Dollie Christine (24 OCT 1944-20 NOV 1999)
Courtney, Elmer Glenn (Private-)
Courtney, Eulivine (Private-)
Courtney, Herma Dean (Private-)
Courtney, Jennifer Carlene (Private-)
Courtney, Johnny (Private-)
Courtney, Lester Gene (Private-)
Courtney, Myrtle Cathern (Private-)
Courtney, Susan (Private-)
Courtney, Tommy (Private-)
Crabtree, Fannie (-UNKNOWN)
Dameron, George W. (15 OCT 1887-UNKNOWN)
Dameron, Hattie Pearl (5 SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Dameron, Lucy M. (26 APR 1893-UNKNOWN)
Dameron, Margaret (22 AUG 1881-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Asa (JAN 1880-1924)
Damron, Cecil (Private-)
Damron, Charles C. (18 APR 1885-22 APR 1939)
Damron, Charles L. (19 MAR 1885-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Daryl (Private-)
Damron, Elizabeth (15 JAN 1895-11 MAY 1982)
Damron, Flora Ida Bell (30 AUG 1876-UNKNOWN)
Damron, George L. (21 NOV 1869-UNKNOWN)
Damron, James Kenord Polk (10 APR 1855-29 JAN 1943)
Damron, James W. (29 JAN 1879-3 MAR 1948)
Damron, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Jason (-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Jenny (-UNKNOWN)
Damron, John J.C. (1851-2 JAN 1853)
Damron, Leo F. (OCT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Living (Private-)
Damron, Living (Private-)
Damron, Marion Buchanan (1857-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Martha Josephine (1864-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Mary Mesa (14 MAY 1866-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Ora (APR 1889-1972)
Damron, Robert L. (JAN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Robert N. (-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Rochell (Private-)
Damron, Sarah Jane (3 JUN 1853-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Solomon (SEP 1877-17 AUG 1928)
Damron, Solomon Brekenridge (1858-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Solomon King (26 DEC 1827-UNKNOWN)
Damron, Unknown (22 MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Damron, William (-UNKNOWN)
Damron, William Moses (20 JUL 1850-12 DEC 1917)
Damron, Willie Harrison (Private-)
Davis, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Henry (1843-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Virginia Belle (22 FEB 1855-JAN 1929)
Deann, (Private-)
Debbie, (Private-)
Deboard, Angela (Private-)
Deboard, Betty (Private-)
Deboard, Chester Ira (31 MAY 1914-3 AUG 1999)
Deboard, David (Private-)
Deboard, Elizabeth (Private-)
Deboard, Floyd Lee (Private-)
Deboard, Fred (Private-)
Deboard, Jack (Private-)
Deboard, James (Private-)
Deboard, Janie (Private-)
Deboard, Jewell (Private-)
Deboard, Kathy (Private-)
Deboard, Mabel (Private-)
Deboard, Marilyn Kay (Private-)
Deboard, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Deboard, Tony (Private-)
Delong, (Private-)
Dewhitt, (Private-)
Diaz, Jesse (Private-)
Dils, Augusta (-UNKNOWN)
Drake, Glenn (Private-)
E., Mary (1862-UNKNOWN)
Easterling, Chris (Private-)
Easterling, Cody (Private-)
Easterling, Danny (Private-)
Easterling, Isaac (Private-)
Easterling, Jason (Private-)
Easterling, Tyler (Private-)
Elland, Lydia (Private-)
Elliot, Kenny (Private-)
Elliot, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Elliott, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Elsie, (Private-)
Elswick, Thursey (-UNKNOWN)
Ernestine, (Private-)
Eudy, Denise (Private-)
Eva, (Private-)
Farquer, Delores Ann (Private-)
Fields, Diane (Private-)
Fields, Donna (Private-)
Fields, Kermit (Private-)
Fields, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Fife, Betty Susan (Private-)
Fife, Charle E. (Private-)
Fife, Cliffton Gail (Private-)
Fife, Clinton Wesley (Private-)
Fife, Ernestine (Private-)
Fife, George (-UNKNOWN)
Fife, George Florist (Private-)
Fife, Harold (17 JUL 1898-24 JUL 1992)
Fife, Harold Jr. (Private-)
Fife, Helen (Private-)
Fife, Joan (Private-)
Fife, Josie (-UNKNOWN)
Fife, Josie D. (Private-)
Fife, Lillian (Private-)
Fife, Martin Preston (Private-)
Fife, Mildred Victoria (Private-)
Fife, Sylvia May (Private-)
Fife, Troy Gene (Private-)
Fife, Vernus Lee (Private-)
Ford, Allie Fair (-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Malinda Cummerson (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, James (Private-)
Frame, Mary (1630-3 JUN 1673)
Frances, (-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, John (-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, Mary Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Frazier, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
French, (Private-)
Fuller, (Private-)
Georgia, (Private-)
Giaimo, (Private-)
Gibson, Colleen (Private-)
Gibson, Debbie (Private-)
Gibson, Frank (Private-)
Gibson, Jean (Private-)
Gibson, Johnnie (Private-)
Gibson, Kathy (Private-)
Gibson, Kenny (Private-)
Gibson, Larry Dale (Private-)
Gibson, Lisa (Private-)
Gibson, Loretta (Private-)
Gibson, Pamela Jean (Private-)
Gilispie, Fannie (Private-)
Gillispie, Sarah Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Goff, Clyde (Private-)
Goff, Clyde Ray (Private-)
Goff, Clyde Vernon (Private-)
Goff, Donna (Private-)
Goff, Noah Russell (Private-)
Goff, Rhonda Wynette (Private-)
Gracie, (-UNKNOWN)
Greathouse, David (-UNKNOWN)
Greathouse, Malinda (14 MAR 1858-UNKNOWN)
Green, (Private-)
Hall, Anna (Private-)
Hall, Anza (10 JAN 1814-20 JUL 1869)
Hall, Arlie (Private-)
Hall, Bobby (Private-)
Hall, Carl (Private-)
Hall, Delmer (Private-)
Hall, Diamond Ashley (Private-)
Hall, Earl (Private-)
Hall, Ernest (Private-)
Hall, Grethel (Private-)
Hall, Hanna (10 SEP 1884-31 DEC 1957)
Hall, James (Private-)
Hall, Jennifer (Private-)
Hall, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, III, John Melvin (Private-)
Hall, Lee (29 JAN 1901-9 JAN 1964)
Hall, Lydia (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Marie (Private-)
Hall, Martha (Private-)
Hall, Masias (1775-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Ned (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Phoebe (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Siller (Private-)
Hall, Silvestor (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Susan (1874-1946)
Hall, Tiffany Jade (Private-)
Hall, Tori Madison (Private-)
Hall, William Elisha (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Willie (Private-)
Hall, Willie (1863-1918)
Hamilton, (Private-)
Hamilton, (Private-)
Hamilton, (Private-)
Hamilton, (Private-)
Hamilton, Amanda Dawn (Private-)
Hamilton, Arminda Jane (Private-)
Hamilton, Ashley Marie (Private-)
Hamilton, Brenda (Private-)
Hamilton, Delores Lorene (Private-)
Hamilton, Gary (Private-)
Hamilton, Glenda Faye (Private-)
Hamilton, Jackie (Private-)
Hamilton, Pearl (Private-)
Hamilton, Ray (Private-)
Hamilton, Velvia (4 JAN 1922-26 DEC 1998)
Hamilton, Wanda Sue (Private-)
Handshoe, Kayla (Private-)
Handshoe, Milton (Private-)
Handshoe, William (Private-)
Handshoe, Zackary (Private-)
Harig, Christina Marie (Private-)
Harrington, Billie Lou (Private-)
Harrington, Billy (Private-)
Harrington, Dianah (Private-)
Harrington, Homer Ray (Private-)
Harrington, Joann (Private-)
Harrington, Rodney (Private-)
Harrington, Roger (Private-)
Harrington, Ronnie (Private-)
Harrington, Whetzel Junior (Private-)
Harrington, William (Private-)
Harris, Bobby Kieth (Private-)
Harris, Daniel (Private-)
Harris, Daniel Ray (Private-)
Hatcher, B.B. (Private-)
Hatfield, Joeseph (-UNKNOWN)
Hawkins, Elizabeth (1843-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, Sameul (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hays, Emma (MAY 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hernandez, Mary Theresa (Private-)
Hernandez, Oscar Arthur (Private-)
Hicks, Bessie (Private-)
Hillwig, (Private-)
Hite, Bill (Private-)
Hite, Blidge (Private-)
Hite, Cecil (Private-)
Hite, Gordon (Private-)
Hite, Irene (Private-)
Hite, Soulty (Private-)
Hogue, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Holbrook, (Private-)
Honaker, (Private-)
Honoker, Edward Dean (Private-)
Honoker, Jessica (Private-)
Honoker, John (Private-)
Honoker, Kevin (Private-)
Houston, James (-UNKNOWN)
Howell, (Private-)
Howell, Carl (Private-)
Howell, Goble (Private-)
Howell, Homer Lee (Private-)
Howell, Jewel (Private-)
Howell, Jimmy (Private-)
Howell, John (Private-)
Howell, Nellie (Private-)
Howell, Noble Lee (Private-)
Howell, Pruity Mae (10 NOV 1924-30 OCT 1995)
Huchins, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Hughes, Ward (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Angela Nicole (Private-)
Hunt, Deeta (Private-)
Irick, Emma (Private-)
Irick, Felix (-UNKNOWN)
Iricks, (Private-)
J., Malinda (1859-UNKNOWN)
Janice, (Private-)
Jeanie, (Private-)
Jewel, (Private-)
Johnson, (Private-)
Johnson, Adelphia (Carter) (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Alex (Private-)
Johnson, Ballard (15 AUG 1918-20 DEC 1987)
Johnson, Betty (Private-)
Johnson, Braxton (Private-)
Johnson, Brenda (Private-)
Johnson, Bryon (Private-)
Johnson, Carol (Private-)
Johnson, Carrie (Private-)
Johnson, Decker (Private-)
Johnson, Delmer (Private-)
Johnson, Delmer Ray (Private-)
Johnson, Denise (Private-)
Johnson, Donald Gene (21 SEP 1952-15 MAR 1971)
Johnson, Dorthy (Private-)
Johnson, Eliza (-MAR 1983)
Johnson, Franky Racel (Private-)
Johnson, Fred (Private-)
Johnson, Grover (Private-)
Johnson, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Johnny (Private-)
Johnson, Joseph (Private-)
Johnson, Josephine (Private-)
Johnson, Justin Scott (Private-)
Johnson, Kacy (Private-)
Johnson, Kathy (Private-)
Johnson, Kelly (Private-)
Johnson, Logan McCall (Private-)
Johnson, Lucy (FEB 1877-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Lyle (Private-)
Johnson, Nancy Louise (Private-)
Johnson, Olivea (Private-)
Johnson, Pearl (Private-)
Johnson, Peyton (Private-)
Johnson, Phillip Marty (Private-)
Johnson, Ricky (Private-)
Johnson, Ricky (Private-)
Johnson, Ruby (Private-)
Johnson, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Shawn (Private-)
Johnson, Shelia (Private-)
Johnson, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Johnson, Stephanie Denise (Private-)
Johnson, Teresa Lynn (Private-)
Johnson, Timothy (Private-)
Johnson, Villa Ray (25 JUN 1942-10 OCT 1967)
Jones, Ace Robert (Private-)
Jones, David (Private-)
Josephine, (21 AUG 1901-24 AUG 1988)
Jr., Clifford Leroy McMillion (Private-)
Jude, Ambros (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Bell (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Brint (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Butler (Private-)
Jude, Elmer (Private-)
Jude, Emma (Private-)
Jude, James (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, James (Private-)
Jude, Joeseph (1841-1905)
Jude, John (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, John (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Mark (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Martha (21 APR 1870-2 JUN 1943)
Jude, Martin (1864-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Ruth (Private-)
Jude, Sherman (-UNKNOWN)
Jude, Warren (Private-)
Justice, (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Abraham (22 MAY 1913-26 SEP 1988)
Justice, Abraham (1849-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Adron (Private-)
Justice, Adron B. (20 DEC 1942-2 NOV 1998)
Justice, Alice (Private-)
Justice, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Amos (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Angela (Private-)
Justice, Aretta (Private-)
Justice, Aretta (Private-)
Justice, Arland Donavon (Private-)
Justice, Arlin Gayle (Private-)
Justice, Audrey (Private-)
Justice, Augestine (4 JAN 1919-18 MAY 1996)
Justice, Augustine (Private-)
Justice, Azzie (12 MAR 1897-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Azzie Jr. (Private-)
Justice, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Justice, Barid (Private-)
Justice, Barry Joeseph (Private-)
Justice, Belinda Ann (Private-)
Justice, Benny Reffer (Private-)
Justice, Birtha F. (1866-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Bishop (21 JUN 1945-21 JUN 1945)
Justice, Bobby (Private-)
Justice, Bonie Gene (Private-)
Justice, Brenda Kay (Private-)
Justice, Carmel Ray (Private-)
Justice, Carol Loriane (Private-)
Justice, Carolyn (Private-)
Justice, Chadwick Steven (Private-)
Justice, Charles (1859-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Charles (Private-)
Justice, Charlotte Gail (Private-)
Justice, Choloe (Private-)
Justice, Christie Ann (2 NOV 1954-2 NOV 1954)
Justice, Cleo (16 JAN 1932-16 JAN 1932)
Justice, Clifford (Private-)
Justice, Clyde (Private-)
Justice, Clyde (Private-)
Justice, Conley (Private-)
Justice, Cora (-1996)
Justice, Cord (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Curtis (Private-)
Justice, Curtis (13 DEC 1932-6 SEP 1990)
Justice, D.P. (14 MAR 1938-13 OCT 1999)
Justice, Debra (Private-)
Justice, Della (1894-OCT 1993)
Justice, Dennis Ray (Private-)
Justice, Denville (Private-)
Justice, Diadema (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Diana (Private-)
Justice, Dollie (24 MAY 1890-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Dorothty Fay (Private-)
Justice, Dorthy (Private-)
Justice, Dorthy (Private-)
Justice, Draxie Lorine (Private-)
Justice, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Effie (Private-)
Justice, Elbert (20 JUL 1907-20 JUN 1965)
Justice, Elizabeth (1860-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ellene (Private-)
Justice, Ellie (Private-)
Justice, Elsie Kathy (Private-)
Justice, Elsie Marie (Private-)
Justice, Emeline (1869-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Emil (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Emiline (Private-)
Justice, Emory (Private-)
Justice, Ezra (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Fannie (Private-)
Justice, Fannie (3 SEP 1893-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Forest (Private-)
Justice, Francis Foster (1662-1712)
Justice, Frindie (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Gabby (Private-)
Justice, Genita (Private-)
Justice, George (Private-)
Justice, George W. (1846-27 JAN 1920)
Justice, Georgie (Private-)
Justice, Gib (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Gladys (Private-)
Justice, Glenda (Private-)
Justice, Gloria Ann (Private-)
Justice, Gloria Ann (17 NOV 1954-17 NOV 1954)
Justice, Gloria Gail (Private-)
Justice, Gracie (25 AUG 1901-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Greenbury (6 FEB 1920-19 JUN 1957)
Justice, Greenville (1864-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Hansford (Private-)
Justice, Hazel Jane (Private-)
Justice, Howard (Private-)
Justice, Huetta (Private-)
Justice, Ioma Rilda (26 OCT 1910-20 MAR 1958)
Justice, Irene (Private-)
Justice, Isra (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, James (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, James (16 OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Justice, James Adron (Private-)
Justice, James Albert (12 JUN 1928-27 MAY 1978)
Justice, James Arland (19 NOV 1952-MAR 1953)
Justice, James D. (1862-UNKNOWN)
Justice, James Elisha (1880-9 MAR 1952)
Justice, James Harold (Private-)
Justice, James Mathew (7 NOV 1937-20 JUL 1989)
Justice, James Mathew (Private-)
Justice, Janet (Private-)
Justice, Janice (Private-)
Justice, Jeffery (Private-)
Justice, Jerimiah (21 APR 1870-6 DEC 1956)
Justice, Jim A. (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Jimmy (Private-)
Justice, Jimmy Elbert (Private-)
Justice, Jimmy Jr. (Private-)
Justice, John (1696-1766)
Justice, John (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, John (1721-1813)
Justice, John (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, John (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, John (Private-)
Justice, John (1760-30 JAN 1831)
Justice, John C. (Private-)
Justice, John H. (Private-)
Justice, John J. (1855-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Johnny (Private-)
Justice, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Joyce (Private-)
Justice, Julis Dave (Private-)
Justice, Justinian (1655-1687)
Justice, Kather (Private-)
Justice, Kathleen (Private-)
Justice, Kathy (Private-)
Justice, Kristie Mae (Private-)
Justice, Laura J. (Private-)
Justice, Lee W. (29 APR 1899-26 APR 1975)
Justice, Lillie (2 MAR 1904-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Linda J. (Private-)
Justice, Linda Lou (Private-)
Justice, Linda Sue (Private-)
Justice, Lizzie Christine (Private-)
Justice, Lora (Private-)
Justice, Lora May (Private-)
Justice, Lorine (Private-)
Justice, Lou Vernie (Private-)
Justice, Lucille (Private-)
Justice, Lula (Private-)
Justice, Mable (Private-)
Justice, Maggie (Private-)
Justice, Malinda (1859-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Marcella (Private-)
Justice, Marie (Private-)
Justice, Mark Marion (1845-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Martha (Private-)
Justice, Martha A. (1878-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Mary A. (1843-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Mary Belle (Private-)
Justice, Mary Lou (Private-)
Justice, Mathew Ireland (1902-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Mavis (Private-)
Justice, Maxine (16 OCT 1943-5 APR 1950)
Justice, Maxine (Private-)
Justice, May (Private-)
Justice, Melinda E. (1875-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Melinda Lea (Private-)
Justice, Melinda Lea (30 APR 1926-9 DEC 1953)
Justice, Melissa (Private-)
Justice, Mellie (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Michael William (Private-)
Justice, Mike (Private-)
Justice, Milford (Private-)
Justice, Minnie (Private-)
Justice, Myrtle (Private-)
Justice, Nadine (Private-)
Justice, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Nancy (Private-)
Justice, Noah (Private-)
Justice, Noble Lee (Private-)
Justice, Noella (Private-)
Justice, Nola (Private-)
Justice, Nora (Private-)
Justice, Ocie (Private-)
Justice, Octavia (1904-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ollie (12 JUL 1895-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ollie Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ollie Jane (13 MAR 1910-4 JAN 1989)
Justice, Ollie Mae (Private-)
Justice, Palmer (Private-)
Justice, Paula Ann (Private-)
Justice, Phil Dean (Private-)
Justice, Phyllis (Private-)
Justice, Polly A. (1844-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ralph (24 AUG 1939-19 MAR 2004)
Justice, Ralph (1660-17 SEP 1729)
Justice, Rebecca (Private-)
Justice, Reffer (8 NOV 1930-12 JUN 1995)
Justice, Reffer Wesley (Private-)
Justice, Regina Ann (Private-)
Justice, Rhoda Ellen (Private-)
Justice, Ricky Dean (Private-)
Justice, Robert (Private-)
Justice, Robert (11 JUL 1933-26 JUL 1956)
Justice, Robert Lee (Private-)
Justice, Ronnie L. (Private-)
Justice, Rory Ellen (Private-)
Justice, Rosanne (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Ruby (1906-1980)
Justice, Samantha Ryan (Private-)
Justice, Sandy (Private-)
Justice, Sarah (Private-)
Justice, Sarah (1906-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Sarah (Private-)
Justice, Shawn (Private-)
Justice, Shirley B. (2 NOV 1944-20 MAY 1997)
Justice, Simeon (1821-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Simeon (1869-5 NOV 1962)
Justice, Simeon (7 JUN 1765-16 JAN 1845)
Justice, Sola (Private-)
Justice, Stella (1921-1980)
Justice, Steve (Private-)
Justice, Steve Jr. (Private-)
Justice, Tammy (Private-)
Justice, Teresa (Private-)
Justice, Teresa (Private-)
Justice, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Tiffany Renea (Private-)
Justice, Tommy (Private-)
Justice, Tommy (Private-)
Justice, Troy (Private-)
Justice, Troy K. (Private-)
Justice, Troy Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Troy Lee (23 FEB 1903-1990)
Justice, Uthany (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Vicki Lee (Private-)
Justice, Victoria (Private-)
Justice, Viola (Private-)
Justice, Viola (Private-)
Justice, Viola (Private-)
Justice, Virgie (18 MAR 1899-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Virgil (Private-)
Justice, Virgil (Private-)
Justice, Virgil (18 MAR 1899-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Wade (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Wanda (Private-)
Justice, Whetsel Crit (31 JAN 1946-12 SEP 1989)
Justice, Whetsel Crit Jr. (Private-)
Justice, William (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William (1630-3 FEB 1662/63)
Justice, William (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William Dewey (1902-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William Jack (1881-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William Lee (Private-)
Justice, William R. (1852-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William T. (1850-UNKNOWN)
Justice, William Whetsel (18 APR 1919-22 SEP 1943)
Justice, Willie (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Wilma (Private-)
Justice, Wright (-UNKNOWN)
Justice, Yvonne Carol (Private-)
Justice, Zell (Private-)
Keathley, (Private-)
Keathley, Janie (Private-)
Keathley, Thelma (Private-)
Keen, Anita (Private-)
Keen, Dean (Private-)
Keen, Judy (Private-)
Keen, Kermit (Private-)
Keen, Linda (Private-)
Keen, Lonnie Albert (Private-)
Keen, Monty Allen (Private-)
Keen, Oscar (Private-)
Keen, Phyllis (Private-)
Keen, Robin Renee (Private-)
Keen, Thelma (Private-)
Keen, Thomas (Private-)
Keen, Thomas Reffer (3 OCT 1971-3 OCT 1971)
Keen, Tony Wade (Private-)
Kendrick, (Private-)
Kennard, James A. (-UNKNOWN)
Kidd, Andy (-UNKNOWN)
Kidd, Betty (Private-)
Kidd, Lena May (Private-)
Kidd, Novetta (Private-)
Kimsy, Paula (Private-)
King, Connie (Private-)
King, Gladys (1897-1962)
King, Noila Ellen (Private-)
King, Wave (Private-)
L., Maud (-UNKNOWN)
Lathrop, Nellie Irene (11 SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Lawhorn, Emily (3 FEB 1846-30 SEP 1922)
Lawson, Caroline Hale (1829-UNKNOWN)
Lawson, Henry (1850-UNKNOWN)
Lawson, Mark (1795-UNKNOWN)
Lawson, Susanah (1824-16 MAR 1859)
Leedy, Dick (Private-)
Lizzie, (-UNKNOWN)
Lois, Mary (Private-)
Losawyer, Emma Lou (Private-)
Lowe, Peggy (1780-1840)
Lozier, Troy Mike (Private-)
Lucille, (Private-)
Lycans, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Magagard, Dicie (-UNKNOWN)
Maggie, (Private-)
Mann, Lucas (Private-)
Mann, Ryan (Private-)
Marg, (-UNKNOWN)
Marie, Jennifer (Private-)
Marrs, Inez (Private-)
Martha, (1798-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Brad (Private-)
Martin, Debbie (Private-)
Martin, Frankie (Private-)
Martin, Jim (Private-)
Martin, Kimberly (Private-)
Martin, Kristie (Private-)
Martin, Quanita (Private-)
Martin, Tracey (Private-)
Martin, William David (Private-)
Martinez, (Private-)
Martinez, Danielle (Private-)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
May, (Private-)
May, Heather DEANDRA (Private-)
May, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
May, John (-UNKNOWN)
May, Lazarus (-UNKNOWN)
May, Mary (Polly) (1827-UNKNOWN)
May, Orville Brent (Private-)
May, Orville Brent (Private-)
May, Randy Brent (Private-)
May, Sarena (APR 1832-UNKNOWN)
Maynard, Mark (Private-)
McMillion, Clifford Leroy (Private-)
McMillion, Dolton Michael (Private-)
McMillion, Molly Lynn (Private-)


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