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The Justice Family Tree

Family Tree Names

Mcgee, (Private-)
Mcgregor, Caleb Orion (Private-)
Mcgregor, Heather (Private-)
Mcgregor, Leslie Roy (Private-)
Mcgregor, Luck (Private-)
Mcgregor, Rebecca (Private-)
Mcgregor, Wilma (Private-)
Mcguire, Georgie Ann (1875-1958)
Mcguire, Nancy (1840-UNKNOWN)
Mckinney, Anna Lou (Private-)
Mckinney, Anthoney (Private-)
Mckinney, Beronica Lynn (Private-)
Mckinney, Bert (Private-)
Mckinney, Billy Joe (Private-)
Mckinney, Bishop (Private-)
Mckinney, Bobby Gene (Private-)
Mckinney, Brandy Nicole (Private-)
Mckinney, Cindy (Private-)
Mckinney, Darrell Wayne (Private-)
Mckinney, Dorthy (Private-)
Mckinney, Dwayne (Private-)
Mckinney, Edwin H. (Private-)
Mckinney, Ellen (Private-)
Mckinney, Elvie (Private-)
Mckinney, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Mckinney, Glaydis (Private-)
Mckinney, Jack (Private-)
Mckinney, Jimmy Dean (Private-)
Mckinney, Joe (Private-)
Mckinney, Larry (Private-)
Mckinney, Lee (Private-)
Mckinney, Loy Gene (Private-)
Mckinney, Madine (Private-)
Mckinney, Mary Ann (Private-)
Mckinney, Melvin (Private-)
Mckinney, Melvin (Private-)
Mckinney, Obra (8 OCT 1933-24 JUN 1987)
Mckinney, Rebecca E. (Dixie) (27 DEC 1913-14 JUN 1996)
Mckinney, Rena Katherine (Private-)
Mckinney, Richard (Private-)
Mckinney, Ruby (Private-)
Mckinney, Scobie George (-UNKNOWN)
Mckinney, Thelma (Private-)
Mckinney, William (Bill) (Private-)
Mckinney, William Matterson (1886-14 NOV 1959)
Meade, Eunise (Private-)
Meade, Rhoad (-UNKNOWN)
Miricle, Melina Lynn (Private-)
Miricle, Preston (Private-)
Mitchell, Dale Maurice (Private-)
Mitchell, Jessica Rose (Private-)
Mitchell, Kevin Dale (Private-)
Mitchell, Phenia (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Fannie (Private-)
Moore, Gene (Private-)
Moore, Jared Flain (Private-)
Moore, Larry Gene (Private-)
Morrison, Sandra Lucille (Private-)
Mullins, (Private-)
Mullins, Sarah (1850-UNKNOWN)
Mullins, Sarah (Sally) (1787-UNKNOWN)
Musial, (Private-)
Musial, Matthew (Private-)
NEAL, Amy (1769-UNKNOWN)
Nance, John William (Private-)
Negron, Raymond Effrin (Private-)
Negron, Robin Belinda (Private-)
Newsom, Alexander (1869-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Alice (JAN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Alvin (1874-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Andrew Jackson (1844-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Angie (1861-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Artie (1872-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Caleb (1873-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Cathlena (1875-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Charles W. (1902-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Chester (1908-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Cornelius (OCT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Davenport (1816-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Davenport (1836-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, David (25 MAY 1853-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Elcey B. (AUG 1891-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Elias G. (1861-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Elisabeth (1867-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Elizabeth (1871-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Elizabeth (1818-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Ellis (AUG 1890-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Emmie (Private-)
Newsom, Evan Ivine (1867-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Ezra (1903-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Frances (1874-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Fred (28 MAR 1885-13 DEC 1959)
Newsom, Frederick (1869-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Frederick (5 JAN 1812-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Frederick W. (1877-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, George A. (25 JAN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Georgie H. (Private-)
Newsom, Harrison (1775-1836)
Newsom, Harrison Jr. (1815-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Hartwell (1803-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Henry (1807-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Henry (1871-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Ira A. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jackie (1838-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jacob Lee (25 NOV 1879-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jarvey (1873-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jarvey (OCT 1897-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jarvey (AUG 1881-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jarvis (27 DEC 1839-1 AUG 1900)
Newsom, Joeseph H. (NOV 1893-1918)
Newsom, John (1863-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, John (AUG 1887-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, John (1805-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, John Henry (1871-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Jones (AUG 1899-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Julia (1878-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Julia (1876-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Leonard J. (5 FEB 1878-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Mahala (1864-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Margaret (1851-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Mary (1879-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Mary A. (1872-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Mary F. (1877-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Milford (MAR 1895-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Nancy (1879-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Nancy F. (28 JUL 1856-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Noah (MAR 1859-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Noah (1 APR 1855-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Noah (1865-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Noah J. (JUL 1896-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Peggy (1810-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Polly B. (1805-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Rena C. (1905-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Rerg E. (1906-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Rhoda A. (1876-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Robert (1839-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Robert (20 MAY 1865-15 APR 1953)
Newsom, Robert J. (1901-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Rosannah (1846-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Sarah (1868-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Sill Hall (APR 1879-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Siltaney (1871-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Spicy (1876-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Synthia Melissa (1842-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Tivis N. (1861-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Tusina (1873-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, Unah Jane (1849-UNKNOWN)
Newsom, William N. (1863-UNKNOWN)
Newsome, Casey (Private-)
Newsome, Dorsie (15 JUN 1909-UNKNOWN)
Newsome, Fred Jr. (Private-)
Newsome, George (15 FEB 1907-UNKNOWN)
Newsome, Hattie (Private-)
Newsome, John (Private-)
Newsome, Lillie (Private-)
Newsome, Lona (Private-)
Newsome, Malcum (JUN 1896-UNKNOWN)
Newsome, Martha (22 MAY 1904-12 APR 1967)
Nichols, Alford (Private-)
Nichols, Luvetta (Private-)
Nickels, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, (Private-)
Osborne, Drusilla (1853-1938)
Owens, Leslie (Private-)
Parker, Elizabeth (1700-UNKNOWN)
Patty, (Private-)
Pearl, (1889-UNKNOWN)
Pearl, (Private-)
Phillips, Eugene (Private-)
Pinson, Mack (Private-)
Poden, Bill (Private-)
Potts, Walter George (Private-)
Powers, (Private-)
Pugh, Carl Jr. (Private-)
Pugh, Johua Avery (Private-)
Ramey, Christina (9 NOV 1823-APR 1872)
Ramey, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Ratliff, (Private-)
Ratliff, (Private-)
Ratliff, Herman Gene (Private-)
Ratliff, Rebeccca (30 JUL 1804-24 AUG 1871)
Ratliff, William (-UNKNOWN)
Ray, (Private-)
Ray, Adam Joeseph (Private-)
Ray, Alexis Noelle (Private-)
Ray, Amy Priscilla (Private-)
Ray, Bailee Irene (Private-)
Ray, Ballard (Private-)
Ray, Beaterice Marie (Private-)
Ray, Benjamin Alexander (Private-)
Ray, Billy (Private-)
Ray, Billy Gene (Private-)
Ray, Chester (Private-)
Ray, Cletus Bee (Private-)
Ray, Dean (Private-)
Ray, Dennis (Private-)
Ray, Dennis Lee (Private-)
Ray, Dona Mageline (Private-)
Ray, Donald Gene (Private-)
Ray, Edgar Dean (Private-)
Ray, Emogene (Private-)
Ray, Farlene (Private-)
Ray, Gene Edward (30 OCT 1931-21 NOV 1982)
Ray, Jink (12 MAY 1898-24 JUN 1992)
Ray, Joyce Marie (Private-)
Ray, Kenneth (Private-)
Ray, Lee (Private-)
Ray, Mamie Joe (Private-)
Ray, Matthew Dean (Private-)
Ray, Mossie Louise (Private-)
Ray, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Ray, Opal (Private-)
Ray, Patricia (Private-)
Ray, Peggy Lynn (Private-)
Ray, Rachel Louise (Private-)
Ray, Sherman Edgar (28 DEC 1904-21 MAR 1980)
Ray, Timothy Hamilton (Private-)
Ray, Vickie Lynn (Private-)
Riddle, (Private-)
Riley, Melissa (Private-)
Riley, Michael Lee (Private-)
Riley, Michael Paul (Private-)
Riley, Rebecca Ann (Private-)
Robinette, Billy Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Robinette, Billy Mike (Private-)
Robinette, David Mathew (Private-)
Robinette, Jason Edward (Private-)
Robinette, Melissa Antwnette (Private-)
Robinette, William Loyal (Private-)
Robinson, (Private-)
Robinson, (Private-)
Robinson, Arnold (Private-)
Robinson, Margaret (1879-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Birdie (Private-)
Rogers, Ida Jane (Private-)
Rogers, K.C. (Private-)
Rogers, Leona (Private-)
Rogers, Virgil (Private-)
Rosala, (1883-UNKNOWN)
Rowls, Sue (Private-)
SMITH, Donald Ray (Private-)
SMITH, Living (Private-)
SMITH, Mathew P. (1864-UNKNOWN)
SWORD, Elizabeth "Eliza" (1848-UNKNOWN)
SWORD, Marian (10 FEB 1850-UNKNOWN)
SWORD, Rebecca (1832-UNKNOWN)
Salisbury, Christopher (Private-)
Salisbury, Eugene (Private-)
Salisbury, James (-UNKNOWN)
Salisbury, Red (Private-)
Salisbury, Regina (Private-)
Salisbury, Ricky Gene (Private-)
Salisbury, Sharon Kay (Private-)
Salisbury, Teresa Lynn (Private-)
Salisbury, Walk (Private-)
Sanders, (Private-)
Sanders, Easter (1834-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Jacob (1837-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Lucinda (MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Viola (Private-)
Sarah, (Private-)
Scalf, (Private-)
Scalf, (Private-)
Scalf, Carol (Private-)
Scalf, Everette (Private-)
Scalf, Joann (Private-)
Scalf, Morisie (Private-)
Scalf, Sue (Private-)
Schoolcraft, Julia Ann (Private-)
Schoolcraft, Mageline (Private-)
Sheppard, Missouri Jane (19 JAN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Shoe, Brook Danielle (Private-)
Shoe, Darrell Wilson (Private-)
Shoe, Dustin Lee (Private-)
Shoe, Harold Monroe (Private-)
Simpkins, Jim (Private-)
Sloan, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Slone, (Private-)
Slone, Ayllisa (Private-)
Slone, Heather (Private-)
Slone, Helen (Private-)
Slone, Ricky (Private-)
Slone, Timothy Allen (Private-)
Slone, Timothy Joe (Private-)
Smith, Charles Richard (Private-)
Smith, Coty (Private-)
Smith, Elizabeth Fay (Private-)
Smith, James Claude (12 MAR 1884-20 NOV 1973)
Smith, John (Private-)
Smith, Jonathan (Private-)
Smith, Living (Private-)
Smith, Living (Private-)
Smith, Living (Private-)
Smith, Living (Private-)
Smith, Richard Lee (Private-)
Smith, Robert Pershing (Private-)
Smith, Unisiah (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William Quentin (Private-)
Spears, Alma (Private-)
Spears, Bertha (Private-)
Spears, Bessie (Private-)
Spears, Darlene (Private-)
Spears, Denver (Private-)
Spears, Dutchess (Private-)
Spears, Elva (Private-)
Spears, Gary (Private-)
Spears, Jane (Private-)
Spears, Jeff (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Junior (Private-)
Spears, Mellie (Private-)
Spears, Netline (Private-)
Spears, Oscar (Private-)
Spears, Prock (-1993)
Spencer, Armina (28 NOV 1834-UNKNOWN)
Spencer, G. W. (-UNKNOWN)
Sr., Preston Miricle (Private-)
Sr.Sword, William Harry (26 OCT 1819-UNKNOWN)
Stanley, James (Private-)
Stella, (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Amy (Private-)
Stevens, Arthor (Private-)
Stevens, Azzie (Private-)
Stevens, Ballard Larry (Private-)
Stevens, Bradley (3 SEP 1960-16 JUN 1987)
Stevens, Brenda (Private-)
Stevens, Christine (Private-)
Stevens, Clell (Private-)
Stevens, Clifford (Private-)
Stevens, Douglas (Private-)
Stevens, Edgel (Private-)
Stevens, Effie (Private-)
Stevens, Eldon (Private-)
Stevens, Ella Mae (Private-)
Stevens, Ellen (Private-)
Stevens, Ervin (Private-)
Stevens, Ezra Lee (Private-)
Stevens, Freda (Private-)
Stevens, Harold (Private-)
Stevens, Helen (Private-)
Stevens, Hershel (Private-)
Stevens, Ira Ballard (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Jerry (Private-)
Stevens, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Juanita (Private-)
Stevens, Lillian (Private-)
Stevens, Lillie (Private-)
Stevens, Lizzie (Private-)
Stevens, Mary Kent (Private-)
Stevens, Mary Mattie (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Mathew (Private-)
Stevens, Melvin (Private-)
Stevens, Nola (Private-)
Stevens, Ocie (Private-)
Stevens, Sharon Ann (Private-)
Stevens, Vada (Private-)
Stevens, Vadie (Private-)
Stevens, Verlie (Private-)
Stevens, Violet (Private-)
Stevens, Virgil (Private-)
Stevens, Virgil Allen (Private-)
Stevens, Wise (Private-)
Stevens, Zadie (Private-)
Stewart, Dorothy (Private-)
Stiles, Teri Jo (Private-)
Stiltner, Bill (Private-)
Stiltner, Tabitha (Private-)
Stratton, Peggy (Private-)
Sturgill, Rush (Private-)
Sturgill, Vivian Marie (Private-)
Sue, Etta (Private-)
Sue, Melissa (Private-)
Susan, (-UNKNOWN)
Swiney, Amy (Private-)
Swiney, Atacha Jo (Private-)
Swiney, Bobby (Private-)
Swiney, Della Marria (Private-)
Swiney, Emma (Private-)
Swiney, Flara Mae (Private-)
Swiney, Hobert (Private-)
Swiney, James (Private-)
Swiney, John (-UNKNOWN)
Swiney, Kieth (Private-)
Swiney, Kiethern (Private-)
Swiney, Lizza (Private-)
Swiney, Luther (21 OCT 1908-16 JAN 1982)
Swiney, Mary (Private-)
Swiney, Myrtle (Private-)
Swiney, Rita (Private-)
Swiney, Samantha (Private-)
Sword, (Private-)
Sword, Adelia (1879-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Angie E. (1879-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Anna (AUG 1861-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Aurora (25 MAR 1896-4 FEB 1977)
Sword, Carol (1875-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Catie (1880-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Cleo (1906-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Cora E. (1875-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Curtis (1905-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Della (Private-)
Sword, Dick (1898-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Eliza (1848-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Elizabeth (Private-)
Sword, Elizabeth (22 DEC 1842-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Frances Magnell (1832-1932)
Sword, Francis M. (19 DEC 1854-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Grant (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Henry (1853-UNKNOWN)
Sword, J. Morg (1872-1949)
Sword, James Eliza (1831-5 JUN 1866)
Sword, James M. (AUG 1875-UNKNOWN)
Sword, James M. (24 JUL 1848-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Janice (Private-)
Sword, John (1872-UNKNOWN)
Sword, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, John Mims (21 AUG 1850-UNKNOWN)
Sword, John Morg (1872-1949)
Sword, John Sr. (24 MAY 1797-21 SEP 1876)
Sword, John Washington (1842-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Kenis F. (8 APR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Leander (Private-)
Sword, Lois (1903-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Lucus B. (7 DEC 1857-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Malinda (1841-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Marinda Jane (4 JAN 1849-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Martha (1828-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Marvin (Private-)
Sword, Marvin (Private-)
Sword, Mary (1834-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Maxie (Private-)
Sword, Mecy (1877-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Mona (17 MAR 1880-16 APR 1958)
Sword, Morg Jr. (Private-)
Sword, Moses (22 AUG 1844-AUG 1908)
Sword, Nancy (1873-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Rebecca (4 SEP 1859-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Ressie (1876-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Richard P. (1823-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Rosa (1872-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Tabitha (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Thomas Jefferson (11 FEB 1852-UNKNOWN)
Sword, Virginia (1843-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William (1878-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William F. (1870-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William Jr (-UNKNOWN)
Sword, William Jr. (24 DEC 1845-6 JAN 1885)
Sword, William Sr. (1820-UNKNOWN)
Tabitha, (-UNKNOWN)
Tackett, Beatrice Lorene (Private-)
Tackett, David (Private-)
Tackett, Kenis (Private-)
Tackett, Mary Jane (1854-UNKNOWN)
Tackett, Ollie (-UNKNOWN)
Tackett, Tommy Darrell (Private-)
Taylor, (Private-)
Thacker, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Thacker, Lucy (1790-UNKNOWN)
Thacker, Ortha (Private-)
Thacker, Sally Jo (Private-)
Thomas, Arthel Bartlett (Private-)
Thomas, Arthel Bartlett (Private-)
Thomas, Dawn Michelle (Private-)
Thompson, Dick (-UNKNOWN)
Thornsbury, Elisha (Private-)
Thornsbury, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Trimble, (Private-)
UnKnown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (Private-)
Virginia, (Private-)
Wade, Susanah (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Wagnor, Ayne (Private-)
Watson, Mary (30 APR 1851-ABT 1887)
White, Elizabeth (28 JUN 1828-20 JUN 1901)
Wilburn, Howard Dorie (Private-)
Wilburn, Loria Marie (Private-)
Williams, Linie (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Lizzie (1882-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Mary Emaline (Private-)
Williams, Roma Dean (Private-)
Williamson, Junior (Private-)
Wilson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Mimey (-UNKNOWN)
Wosoman, Randolph (Private-)
Yarman, Lana (Private-)
York, Bess (-UNKNOWN)
York, Bill (Private-)
York, Charlie (-UNKNOWN)
York, Gypsie (-UNKNOWN)
York, James (Private-)
York, James M. (-UNKNOWN)
York, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
York, Kathleen (Private-)
York, Tot Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Young, (Private-)
Zgrzewsk, (Private-)


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