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 I am very proud to be from the hills of Eastern Kentucky especially proud to be the son of Reffer Justice and although I have not always felt that way I Guess it takes having children, wife, job, and all the other pressures and challenges of life for all of us to really respect our parents. One of the reasons I've done this research this family tree is dedicated to a loving father and mother Reffer & Lorine Justice thanks for all your love and support.

Rev. Reffer Justice was a simple man who believed that values were something to live by and not just something to talk about. He began working in a coal mine at a very early age around 15 yrs old. He worked with a pick and shovel and hauled the coal out of the mines with an old mule hard work was a way of life he was born in eastern Kentucky Dog Fork Road of Hurricane Creek just out side of Pikeville his father was a dirt farmer, well probably not the kind of farmer you're thinking You see in Eastern Kentucky 70% of the land is mountains not at all like Indiana Ohio or Idaho, the crops were planted wherever they could plant, them and most of the time they were not for sale they basically could only grow barely enough to eat .Reffer and his siblings lived along with there parents, James Elisha & Aurora Justice in a one room Log cabin built by themselves and friends in the main head (the end) of Dog Fork.

Just over the hill well 4 or 5 miles over the hill was Toler Creek this is were
Reffer would travel to see a young lady Lorine Justice who lived with her parent Elbert & Elizabeth (Dixie) Justice, eventually they were to marry and have eight children of which I am the youngest. My father was The Pastor of the Toler Creek Freewill Baptist Church for many years. He was a member of the United Mine Workers of America. A Father a Grandfather and friend.

James Or (Jimmy) died around 10 O'clock P.M., he was taken
care of by Call Brothers Funeral Home, He died of Flu like
symptoms probably pneumonia, He did not see a doctor he did
however ask his daughter in law Lorine Justice (justice)
wife of son Reffer for money to buy laxative’s and other over the counter drugs, Reffer retrieved them for him.


Elbert was a very large man, Six Ft tall 350 to 400 lbs. he died on Tolor Creek In Floyd County at his home, He was very sick and his wife Dixie (Rebecca) Checked on him at about 3 A.M. then went to sleep she found him dead at 7 A.M. in his bad although he was not seen by a doctor at this time he had been hospitalized prior in April of 1965 for his diabetes probable cause of death sugar stroke, his son Curtis and possibly some of Curtis's children were there according to his daughter Lorine Justice .

A bucket full of cornbread and milk. As it was told to me by my mother Lorine Justice
All us kids and Mom and Dad (DIXIE & ELBERT) would get up at daylight around 5:30 A.M. and go to the fields it was so hot but it didn't hurt us I guess we were Youst to it mom get out a 5 gallon lard bucket and fill it with milk and cornbread dad would carry it to the fields and bury it in the ground to keep it cool so's not to blanch the milk and then about lunch time he would dig it up and we'd all eat like crazy I Remember it being so delicious we didn’t have much but we ate pretty good.
Told to me by Lorine Justice. 7\27\97

Curtis Justice, 57, of Lorain,
died Thursday at St. Joseph Hospital and Health Center after an eight-year illness. He was born Dec. 13, 1832 in Pikevllle, Ky. and came to Lorain 37 years ago. He worked as a boiler repairman for U.S. Steel for 31 years
and retired in 1983. He was a member of the United Steel Workers Union Local 1104 and enjoyed hunting and fishing.
Survivors include his wife of 40 years, Leona, a son, Ronnie L. of Lorain; daughters Joyce Musial and Mrs. James (Caroline) Chapman, both of Lorain, Mrs. Charles (Janice) Campbell of Gallagher, W.Va., Mrs. James (Gladys) Fox of Elyria, Mrs. Jesse (Debra) Diaz Of Amherst and Mrs. Walter ('Tammy) Potts of Lorain; 12 grandchildren and a great-grandson; a brother John of Covington, KY. Sisters Lorene Justice, Martha Wilburn, Dixie Bell Salisbury and his mother, Rebecca, all of Pikeville.
Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at the John R. Dovin Funeral Home, 2701 Elyria Ave. Monday services will be announced.

Simeon Justice Came to Pike County From  Va. was one of five brothers who are the ancestors of most of the Justices now living in Pike County. Much has been written about the Va. Justice's. Simeon First Married Susannah Lawson August 18, 1842 she was the daughter of Mark Lawson Of Tenn. B.1795 And Martha? Of Va. b.1798 they’re Children Included
George B. Justice B. 1846, Mark I'M. Justice B.1945, aryl A. Justice B.1843,William T. Justice B.1850, Simeon,S 2nd wife was Mary (Polly) May B.1827 They married July, 21,1859, Several children were living with them according to the pike county census I will assume that all the children born on or after there marriage date of July 21,1959 Were the natural children of Simeon Justice and will list them 1st , Malinda Justice B. 1859,Charles Justice B.1859, Elizabeth Justice B. 1860,James D. Justice B.

Household #815
Justice Simeon  29        Owns Farm-75 acres Born Ohio
Susannah           26         Born KY
Mary A.              7        (born about 1843**) Born KY
Mark M.             5        (born about 1845**) Born KY
George W.*        3       (born about 1847**) Born KY
William T.       3/12       (born 1850**) Born KY

He married Susannah Lawson on 8/18/1842 in Pike County, KY. It was marriage record file #727.

I the 1860 census a woman named Patty Keathley was living with Polley
also farm hand John May Jr. was living there.

Susannah Lawson Justice died 3/16/1859 at 35 years of age per page 31 of the death records 1849 - 1909 as transcribed by Dorcas M. Hobbs & John W. Picklesimer, Sr. It said that she was married at the time. She was born in Pike County, KY and her parents are listed as Mark & Martha? (The gentlemen couldn't read-thought it might be Guston). That should be Lawson, I'm sure. Cause of death is unknown. This would confirm Susannah's birth date at approx. 1824.

This is a kicker. Susannah died on 3/16/1859 and Simeon remarried Mary "Polly" May on 7/27/1859. That's just four months after her death.

1860 Pike County, KY Census is as follows: (Should add 10 years to each child's age since 1850)
I have noted my best guess as to who the kids belong to, as follows:
-Susannah's children with Simeon are underlined
-Polly's children from her 1st marriage are double-underlined
-Polly's children with Simeon are in Italics
Household #970
Justice Simeon 37 Property Value $500, Personal Prop. $375 Born Ohio
Polly 33 Born VA
Polly A. 16 (born about 1843**) (Mary A. from 1850?) Born KY
Mark M. 15 (born about 1845**) Born KY
George W.* 13 (born about 1847**) Born KY
Abram 11 (born about 1849**) Born KY
(From Polly's 1st marriage?-If Susan's why not in 1850 Census)
William R. 8 (born 1852**) (William T. from 1850?) Born KY
John J. 5 (born about 1855) Born KY
Malinda 1 (born about 1859) Born KY
Keathley Patty 60 (who in the world is this-Polly is from VA)Born VA
May John, Jr. 25 (From age, possibly Polly's brother?) Born VA

1870 Pike County, KY Census is as follows:
Household #105
Justice Simeon 50 Born OH
Mary 42 Born VA
William 16 (born about 1854)
John 14 (born about 1856)
Charles 11 (born about 1859) (Same age Malinda s/be from 1860)
Elizabeth 10 (born about 1860) (Close to same age as Malinda s/be?)
James D. 8 (born about 1862)
Greenville 6 (born about 1864)
Birtha F. 4 (born about 1866)
Polina 6/12 born in December (1869)
Adkins Surena 15

Some kids are grown and moved out to raise their own family's...
Note: George W. is in household #106. He is 22 years old and has married Jane who is 20 years old. No children listed.

Note: Marion is in household #107. That could be Mark M. He is 24 years old and listed as married to Delilah, who is 20 years old. They have one child, Jerry, born in April 1870.

1880 Pike County, KY Census is as follows:
Household #308 Last 3 columns=place person born, where dad born, where mom born
Justice Symeon 57 Farmer OH TN NC
Mary 51 VA
Charles L. 20
Elisabeth 18
James 16
Greenville 14
Brintha P. 13
Emeline 11 (Must be same as Polina in 1870 census)

1890 Pike County, KY Census was burned completely and is not available anywhere!!

The kid's mom is hard to figure ... major headache. The census is very unreliable regarding their exact ages. Although the census was started the first of each June, I don't know how long they had to complete their project. One would assume that you could add 10 years to each child's age from census to census and be right on. That's not the case. See example of Greenville who is 6 yrs. in 1870 and 14 yrs. in 1880. Even though we know the death date of Susannah and the marriage date of Simeon and Mary, I still cannot figure out who the mother is for some kids because of the age unpredictability on the census records. I guess this just gives us a lead on the kids and then we have to search elsewhere (birth certificates?) to find the actual mother. For my records, my guess is as follows:

Susannah & Simeon Mary Polly & Simeon Polly's 1st marriage
Mary A./Polly A. Charles L. Abram
Mark M. Elizabeth (Malinda?)
George W. James D.
William T./William R. Greenville
John J. Birtha F./Brintha P.
Malinda Polina/Emeline

Mary Polly used either name through her life, as it suited her and with no apparent logic. I have to wonder if the kids were the same. Malinda was there in 1860, but not listed in 1870. Elizabeth's age in 1870 makes me wonder if Malinda and Elizabeth were the same girl? So, in review, I can't say for certain on some kids whether I have listed them twice because they change their names like their shirts AND I don't know who the mother is in some cases where the dates are anywhere close to questionable since the census age listed is so flighty. AArrrgggghhhh! :)

1900 Pike County, KY Census does not have a Simeon/Symeon or a Mary or Polly Justice listed. Simeon would be approx. 77 years of age and Mary "Polly" 71 years of age. I assume they have both passed away by this time.

I cannot find Simeon/Symeon Justice or Mary "Polly" Justice listed in the Death Records book from 1849 - 1909 by Dorcas M. Hobbs & John W. Picklesimer. I don't know the death dates for either of them, other than the fact that they were definitely alive during the census in 1880 so they died some time after that and before the 1900 census.

Not husband but father of Tyler.

Minister:Old Regular Baptist- E. H. Hall
In the Presence of: Earl Hall, Fred Newsome

Lona Newsome Age at Marriage: 21 yrs

Ballard Johnson Age at Marriage:22 yrs

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