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Martha ( Jude) Justice

I will try to write a short sketch of the life of my dear mother. She was the daughter of Joe and Sarah Jude. She was born August 16,1870 and was married to Jerry Justice on the 5th day of January, 1888 and departed this life June 2, 1943. Unto this union were born thirteen children, nine girls and four boys. Four girls preceded her in death leaving father and nine children and a host of friends to mourn their loss. I feel sure that our loss was her eternal gain. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about thirty years ago and lived a faithful member until death. Mother had her fellowship at Mother's Home Church. She was faithful to fill her seat. Mother enjoyed in going to meetings and to be with her good brothers and sisters. She was loved by all that knew her. Mother is badly missed in the Mother's Home Church. I feel sure that Mother's Home Church can say with clear heart that they have lost one of the best members they ever had. It is with sad heart to think that I never can go home again and hear Mother talk about her blessed Jesus and to tell about the sweet dreams and visions. She saw that I had no doubt about Mother's destiny. Mother is not dead but is just sleeping until the great day of the Lord when mother will awake with many others and will come forth from the grave and will be changed from a natural body to a spiritual body and go to heaven to be with her Lord and His angels. And a word to the rest of the children, we have lost the best friend we ever had on earth, so dear children, let us all try to keep Mother's good advice and try to meet her in that heavenly home on high where those who meet will part no more.
     Her funeral will be preached the first Sunday in June, 1944 by Elders Bill Martin, Bill Hall, Milford Adams, Jack Thomas, Bert Newsom, Anthony Hamilton and others.
         Written by her unworthy son,
Elbert Justice
Resource Used: Old Regular Baptist Minutes-1943